Available – one piece 88X – cosmetic flaw but otherwise perfect. $375  Ask for details.

Greetings Loyal Novorca Fans!

This past year we experienced an overwhelming increase in orders for Novorca paddles. Exciting as that was the hands on nature of our production process did not allow us to meet the demand. We had to shut down production for the last couple of months and upgrade to a new process to meet demand. As a result, we have disappointed many of you, our valued customers. For that we humbly apologize.

This new process will not only speed up production but will provide a product superior to that of the old hands-on method.

  • Rock Armor will be a standard feature.
  • Surfer rods will no longer be necessary as we will be able to customize the stiffness of the paddle by strategically incorporating extra carbon fiber where needed.
  • Our goal is to have in-stock paddles in basic black that you can still customize with the multi-part options (two-part or three-part) as well as color and artwork. All the best of Novorca without the long wait!

razors_2_PART_02The Absolute Finest Quality


For those folks that insist on having a paddle build from carbon fiber to their exact specifications, that service is available from my shop on a limited basis. Please call or contact via this website for more info.






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